Aircraft in 3D

Currently there no longer a “fixed price’ for each Archive unless stated, as I have decided to offer them for for free or whatever price a person is happy to donate or can afford.

1.   For example, if you are out of work, then they are completely free of charge! My only restriction for this offer, is that you only order up to 3 titles per month.

2.   If you’re on a low income, then any token payment would be much appreciated.

3.  However, if you can afford a higher contribution, then that would be really appreciated, as all donations help fund my restoration work, 3D Photography sets, and future 3D shorts.

So, if you decide to make a donation, please just follow the PayPal link below.

Download your file by clicking the blue button below:

You will then be able to choose your 3D format

  • Gray Anaglyph
  • Colour Anaglyph
  • MPO Files for HD 3DTV – 4K Not Available
  • 3D SXS Masters