3D Phil Biography

Biography: 3D Phil Photographer, Stereographer & Stereoscopic Supervisor.

Phil Brown was born in Saxilby Lincoln and has had a lifelong interest in Photography, both 2D and Stereoscopic 3D,

He always felt he could bring something new to his pictures and now after being involved in the industry for over 30 years as a Cameraman, Editor, Animator, Director and Stereographer, he feels he can bring his skills of perspective, angles and digital skills to his images,

He is affectionately known as (3D Phil) and has been involved in stereoscopic photography and imagery since 1985. Originally making films for Theme parks, including Seaspace 2000, Living in Virtual Reality, and recently for the Motion picture industry.
He has made 3D sequences featuring Norman Wisdom, a short 3D film for the rock group Queen, and produced the animation “Cosmic Cookery 3D” for Durham University. All about how Galaxies are formed and was shown at the 2005 Royal Science Exhibition in London, winning 1st prize at the VizNet visualisation awards.

He was Stereographer on “Elderado 3D” an unreleased in 3D feature starring Daryl Hanna and Micheal Masdon, “Talion” a 3D promo trailer and “Spiders 3D” a giant spider Hollywood movie, directed by Tibor Takács, Winner of “Best 3D Feature (Non Animated) at the L.A 3D Film Festival in 2012.

His own projects include a series of 3D short digital restoration films entitled (Through the Eyes of a Arabian Man. Completed titles so far are:

1. Palmyra, 2. Road to Petra, Coming soon will be, Egypt, my latest digital restoration from Glass plates.

other 3D titles are:

William Henry Fox Talbot, Pioneer of Photography.

Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs.

The Curious World of Walter Potter

and many more.

I am based in the UK and live in the village of Wombourne in the West Midlands, near to the city of Wolverhampton