3D Phil
I started as a freelance cameraman in 1981 & since then I have worked as Editor, Director, Effects, and Stereographer / Stereoscopic Supervisor.

Stereo 3D Stereographer, 3D Supervisor. Director, Editor

Equipment and Software

Part of my work is as a consultant and trainer in all aspects of stereoscopic imaging for Cinema and 3DTV

Why would you need me ?

Stereoscopic imagery can be complex when done right, the ultimate goal is to achive a great looking immersive 3D shot that's comfortable for the viewer without ghosting, This requires a wide range of disciplines to obtain the best setup, This includes knowing about perspective, Inter Ocular seperation that's based on the scene your shooting, Convergence settings, oclution, contrast ratio's, Lens choice, and many many more skills to get the best 3D result.

It's taken me many years to get this experience and now it's available for your next project.


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